YOUTH DAY Toronto 2018








YOUTH DAY Global | Creative Arts Festivals

WELCOME to “THE LARGEST FESTIVAL OF ITS KIND” celebrating our next generation of Young Artists who share YOUTH DAY across 2 continents in 6 cities. THANK YOU for supporting their PASSION for the ARTS as they showcase their passion in music, dance, art, photography, fashion and film.

They are talented; they are enthusiastic about their focus; and together with your keen insight, we can help them grow to everyone’s benefit everywhere! BE PART OF IT!

In many of our selected cities we also enable VIBRANT Markets for Food Vendors, diverse Artisans, valuable Exhibitors and Corporate Champion opportunities for all to enjoy.

YD was originally initiated as a non-profit community event in 2007 in Toronto Canada, and is operated by dedicated volunteers and enabled by Corporate Champions. In just 8 years it went GLOBAL; Now YD is in it’s second decade!

Simply click on the City below to find out our plans and see the cities’ successes to date… Also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch and learn the latest updates.


International Feature Artist

Nick Tangorra