Corporate Champions

YOUTH DAY attracts visitors of all ages and ethnic sectors. For business brands it offers a magnitude of responsible visibility opportunities that fit both demographics and budgets. Together we send a strong community message to Youth and their families, while supporting media and online portals spread the good news for you.

Let us know where you want your brand and at what level you want it to appear.

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Benefits for your brand

YOUTH DAY sponsorship Champion opportunities have been specially varied to accommodate mandates, objectives and budgets. Everyone can play a part at some level. We all want to support our next generation and make a difference.

POSTERS (including logo placement where permitted) – The YDTO (YOUTH DAY Toronto) Posters are planned to be distributed through the following means:

Universities, Colleges & Toronto High Schools, Community Centers, All Toronto Public Libraries, Toronto Co-op Properties, YMCAs, on all YD Social Media Pages, YDTO website, online event listings/calendars, and on sponsor and supporting organizations’ websites. In addition, many YD performers promote their upcoming performance on their own social media accounts and websites. Like minded champions and vendors also promote YD to their own employees, members and customers for further public awareness.

YD WEBSITE – Our informative and interactive attractions on the website creates high volumes of traffic and features interviews, updates and promo videos. Other activities include frequently updated event listings, photo galleries, complimentary organization information, as well as regular contests and giveaways.

TENTS AT YOUTH DAY (Logo Placement) – YDTO Station tents / booths are enclosed with sidings on which sponsor logos or listed recognition is displayed (size depending on package selected). There are a minimum of 10 stations planned throughout the festival brandishing Champion logos.

COMMERCIAL/PROMO VIDEOS – Logo placement (depending on package selection and where permitted) appear at the end of commercials and promo videos produced by YOUTH DAY which will be used both on-air and on-line.

FLASH DANCE in Brand T-Shirts – As part of the Silver and Gold levels, YDTO will enable a dance team to spontaneously surprise the audience with a flash dance wearing your Corporate brand T-shirts for a great media and photography op.

GATE BARRIER BANNERS – Prominent stage, tent and gate barrier banners on the Yonge-Street closure, allow for maximum brand visibility for positive media.

MEDIA COVERAGE – Expected coverage from past and new media including but not limited to; CTV, CityTV, CP24, GlobalTV, MTV, Much Music, Breakfast Television, Flow93.5, CHFI, CFRB, The Star, The Sun, Metro, Now Magazine, Eye Weekly, University and College newspapers and radio stations, and a variety of local papers such as Community Bulletin; specialty publications including Toronto Dance; and on-line media featuring

RECOGNITION – Corporations will be recognized on all our social media sites as a Champion Sponsor of YDTO, including on our Facebook Group, Fan Page, Event pages and Twitter account. Recognition will also be given at all affiliated events / monthly benefits leading up to the big day, as well as by the speakers on stage at various times throughout the event.

ON STAGE (1 – 3 min) – An opportunity for a company representative / mascot to appear on stage to promote brand products / services, conduct a skit or a speech, or hand out prizes / giveaways. Be creative – it’s your company’s moment to shine!

BOOTH – A 10’ x 10’ space will be provided where sponsors can promote and / or sell services or products while garnering valuable new database contacts. Sponsors are welcome to bring their own branded tents with table and chairs or other custom trade show platforms and signage within the space. The Stage 1 sponsor also receives an additional booth directly on Yonge-Dundas Square.

SPEAKER BANNER – Included with Stage 1 sponsorship is the large stage left speaker in front of the Yonge-Dundas stage, which offers the ultimate for repeat photo and videography as the audience looks towards the stage during the full 12 hours. Your brand will be “starched in their great memories of the day…”