SUNDAY JULY 25, 2010 | Yonge-Dundas Square



Youth Chair - Penny Nicholls

CTV National Anchor - Ken Shaw

JHHA - J Squad 2?

Director Lil X?


Sean Boutilier?

I Gotta feeling - Flash Dance Mob

JHHA - MJ Flash Dance Mob

The Garth Riley Show - Director Lil X and Tylaine Duggan (Founder of YOUTH DAY Global)

Director Lil X - Award Winning Music Video Director

Corporations and small business can play a role

Director Lil X Message to youth.. Your passion will triumph

Olympic Athletes will attend

Pick up a Guitar or a Paint Brush instead of a Gun!

Toronto Crime Stoppers and Parents agree

Director Lil X has a message of possibility

Respect for Youth

Self Esteem is built in just one day!

It is an enviroment to create and be inspired